Q?What is Fil-Nor GAIN, Inc. and what kind of services do we provide?

Fil-Nor GAIN is a service center for Filipino seafarers serving on Norwegian registered vessels and for Non-Norwegian registered vessels that are controlled by Norwegians.

The office is intended to assist and inform the seafarers about their rights and obligations under the collective agreements. Inquiries related to salary, termination, repatriation etc.

We also handle NSA provident fund inquiries like issuance of members’ statements of account, membership verification, guide members and beneficiaries in the process of claiming the provident fund, assist in updating member’s personal details with Storebrand.

Q?Can a seafarer send a representative to inquire on his behalf?

Yes, a representative can inquire on behalf of a seafarer as long as he can present a “Special Power of Attorney” stating that he is authorized by the seafarer to inquire and receive information for him. It is also necessary to bring and show identification papers (or I.D.s) of the seafarer and representative.

Q?What documents does a seafarer or representative / beneficiary must bring upon inquiry?

We require the seafarer to present his Norwegian Seaman’s Documentation Book, Philippine Seaman’s Book, Certificate of Employment, passport for identification and his provident fund ID or statement of account, if inquiring about the provident fund.

Q?Regarding the NSA Provident Fund, when can a member avail or claim the Fund?

The seafarer can withdraw his fund upon reaching the age of 50 and full retirement; when he become permanently disabled as a result of injury or disease while serving onboard an NIS or a participating vessel and in the event of death.

Q?Can a member withdraw the fund earlier than age 50 if he’s no longer serving registered vessels for a number of years?

No, the fund can only be withdrawn once a member reaches the age of 50 and full retirement. His vested rights will remain in the fund until reaching age of 50.

Q?Can the spouse of a member apply for the provident fund-retirement benefit in behalf of the seafarer?

No, only the seafarer himself can apply for his retirement benefit. The spouse, as legal beneficiary, may only claim the benefit in the event of death of the seafarer.

Q?How long is the processing period when claiming the NSA Provident Fund?

Normal processing takes about six (6) months upon receipt of the claim form and the required documents.

Q?How can one know if payment will already be made?

A letter informing the seafarer of the release of the fund will be sent by Storebrand to the seafarer’s home address before any payment will be made.

Q?Can the office make representation on behalf of the seafarer with matters related to the collective bargaining agreements?

No, the office do not represent or go into disputes between a seafarer and employer or manning agency but the office can assist in such cases, with clarification of fact/s.