To receive the benefit, the beneficiary/ies must submit certified true copies of the following:

  1. Release of Rights / Quitclaim issued and executed by the Beneficiary/ies of the Deceased against any all future claims arising from the death of the covered seafarer,
  2. Receipt of Payment of Death Benefits/Compensation from the Company/Insurer signed by the Beneficiary/ies; and,
  3. Certificate/Proof of Payment that the Company has already paid/remitted the monthly contribution to subject Fund for the period before seafarer’s death.
  4. Registered Death Certificate authenticated by the Bureau of Quarantine.
  5. Registered Marriage Certificate
  6. Registered Birth Certificate of Children
  7. Complete Service Record
  8. Employment Contract
  9. Master’s Report
  10. Photocopy of Seaman’s book and airway bill
  11. AMOSUP ID/Valid ID of claimant

All of the above documents must be submitted to Ms. Liza P. Dionisio or Ms. Sherry-Mae T. Antonio at the AMOSUP, Training and Widows Pension Fund office in Intramuros, Manila.

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