Our Profile

The Joint Filipino-Norwegian Mari­time Unions General Assistance and Information Office, Inc. (Fil-Nor GAIN, Inc.) is a service office for the Filipino seafarers serving on Norwegian flagged vessels and vessels under other flags controlled and handled by Norwegian ship owners.

The office was established in March 2003 and run jointly by the three Norwegian Maritime Unions, namely, the Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association (NMOA), the Norwegian Seafarers’ Union (NSU), the Norwegian Union of Marine Engineers (NUME) together with the Associated Marine Officers’ and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP).

Fil-Nor GAIN is handled by Filipino staff that has extensive knowledge of the collective bargaining agreements, regulations and social conditions pertaining to Filipino seafarers aboard Norwegian owned and controlled vessels.


Our Principles

Fil-Nor GAIN, Inc. provides service information, legal advice and related assistance to Filipino seafarers serving on board Norwegian registered and/or controlled vessels regarding Norwegian laws, regulations and collective agreements where one or more of the three Norwegian Maritime Unions are part of.

We also work to improve the moral and socio-economic well-being of the Filipino seafarers in coordination with shipowners, local manning agents and other organizations involved in their employment on Norwegian registered vessels.