FIL-NOR GAIN, INC. Launches Its Official Website !!

Crew awaiting assistance from Fil-Nor.The Joint Filipino-Norwegian Maritime Unions General Assistance and Information Office, Inc. (Fil-Nor GAIN, Inc.) is pleased to announce the launching of our website which is designed to introduce our organization to Filipino seafarers, manning agencies, shipowners, maritime institutions and all other entities working within the maritime industry. Our website allows you to view our mission of providing assistance and information service to seafarers’ concerns or questions with regards to the rights and benefits stipulated in the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) their vessel is covered with.The launching of this website is truly important to our organization and our organizers, the Norwegian Maritime Unions, as we believe that this will pave the way to better serve the Filipino seafarers and their families, at the same time realizing our objectives of securing and improving the lives of seafarers boarding Norwegian owned or controlled vessels with decent and safe working and living conditions through the Collective Bargaining Agreements.

We are confident that through the creative use of this website, we will be able to reach out and pass on information to most of our seafarers aboard vessels as well as to those ashore, about our office and the services we provide for them.

This is just one step in our commitment to better service and support, and rest assured that Fil-Nor Gain, Inc. will continuously establish ways of providing assistance as needed by the Filipino seafarers serving Norwegian owned and controlled vessels.

Thank you for visiting our website and hope you enjoy browsing.