Strengthening Norwegian-Singapore Relations

A trade delegation, led by the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Trond Giske, visited Singapore in March. NMOA Director Capt. Hans Sande  was part of the delegation, along to promote Norwegian maritime competence.

A very rewarding trip. We had a welcome opportunity to present our views to relevant Norwegian parties in Singapore. Norway and Singapore both have strong maritime traditions and industries, and it was important to learn about the possibilities, development and challenges in Singapore, in Singapore-Norway relations, as well as in global maritime collaboration, states Capt. Sande upon completion of the trip.

In his presentations and meetings, Director Sande focused how maritime leaders and experienced operational managers will be in great demand the next decade as shipping becomes more and more high tech and globalized.

To meet the future challenges – technological-environamental-safety-risk-it is essential that shipowners and managements recognize the need to invest heavily in human capital. We believe, stated Director Sande, that ship managers – Norwegian as well as foreign , will find it valuable to invest “top dollars” for Norwegian senior officers in intercontinental shipping.

Singapore is increasingly important to Norwegian businesses. 80 percent of the 170 Norwegian companies with a presence in Singapore are part of the maritime sector.


NIS Mediation in 12 April

Mediation between the seamen’s organizations and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association in the intermediate bargaining concerning NIS (Norwegian International Ship Register) will take place in Oslo, Norway on April 12, 2010.


IMO Meeting

Bjørn Haave, section manager in the Norwegian Maritime Officers Association participated in IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment (DE), 53rd session on Feb. 22-26, 2010.

Draft guidelines to ensure release mechanisms for lifeboats are replaced with those complying with new, stricter safety standards have been agreed by IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment (DE), 53rd session, in order to reduce the number of accidents involving lifeboats, particularly those which have occurred during drills or inspection.